About Kris Mahler

Kris Mahler started skiing at barely 2 years of age and ever since then Mom and Dad have been chasing after him. As many of his coaches have put it, "Kris has a knack for speed". Other kids went to the rinks on weekends, Kris and his two younger brothers (Paul & Matt) hit the slopes at Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood Ontario, where the love for the sport of ski racing and going fast really grew. Bebe Zorcic was the mentor and coach Kris had been unknowingly looking for throughout his ski career. Bebe would also unknowingly plant the ski cross seed into Kris, with the influence of his own son, Nik, who was on the national team at the time. Nik would have a huge impact on Kris as he progressed. Over the next 3 years, Kris would grow as a person and skier under the guidance of Bebe. Before he knew it, the opportunity to move to the real mountains presented itself and the Mahler family was packing for Canmore, Alberta, where Kris currently resides. Two years of FIS level alpine racing under his belt, and grade 12 approaching, Kris decided to take a year which turned into two years off racing to just enjoy the mountains for everything they had to offer. With his schedule open, Kris was focusing solely on his education with high hopes of landing a spot at one of the major universities post grade 12 graduation.

One thing led to another, and before Kris knew it he had himself an offer for a full ride scholarship to Keyano college to compete on the Men's Varsity Volleyball team while studying in the field of Kinesiology. The year was a success in most sectors except that Kris missed skiing. A couple of calls to Bebe to make some connections and Kris was invited to try out for the Alberta ski cross team, ABSX. Sunshine mountain was where it all started for Kris, with the national and provincial team coaches there the pressure was on.

After a couple of camps, the coaches knew Kris had the drive and talent for ski cross. Being named to the national development team for the 2014/15 ski season, Kris made improvements and gained skills well over the expected goals set forth at the beginning of the season. With fun being the number one priority, Kris was the perfect fit for the team.

From learning how to pull starts on Whistler Blackhome glacier pre season to competing in the finals of world juniors for team Canada, the season seemed to fly by. A slow start to the season was expected as there were many things to learn but before you knew it, they were playing catch up to Kris just as mom and dad had done ever since putting those two boards under his feet.

Season one is complete, and with ambitions of getting to the next level you can expect to see more and more out of Kris in the sport of ski cross.

Keep an eye out for the yellow and white candy cane flying by you on the slopes, and if you can catch him on the lift, say "hi", Kris loves to chat.